Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Do you use tarot cards?

    I use a mix of Oracle cards including Angel cards.


  • Can you bring through particular people from the Spirit World – especially those that have recently passed?

    In a sitting there are NO guarantees if someone from the Spirit World will step forward and make themselves known or not. We have NO control over this; it is purely down to the Spirit World if they step forward and who. However, you can put your thought out to them and often this is enough.


  • Can 2 people attend the same session where they expect to connect to the same relatives?

    Yes, you can have a joint reading, but I would suggest booking an hour for this.


  • How often should I have readings and how can I book a follow-on session?

    This would depend on whether you want psychic or mediumship readings and also your circumstances. Just send a message and we can discuss it.


  • Can I book a Party Reading and what are the minimum numbers?

    Yes, minimum 2 people and maximum 4 people.


  • Where are the in-person readings and healing normally held?

    In person readings and healing is held at my house.


  • How long is the healing session?

    An in person session is 50 minutes; distant healing is 20 minutes. A short consultation may be required in advance.


  • How much is an Angelic Reiki healing session?

    An in person healing session is £45. A distant healing session is £20


  • What if I miss my appointment and need to rebook?

    Your appointment can be cancelled or rebooked up to 48 hours before it is scheduled. Any later than this, then I do not give refunds.

    In the event of myself needing to cancel an appointment, then I will rebook you at the earliest date or offer a full refund.


  • How soon can I book?

    Booking will depend on availability, as it can vary. However, I would try to book you in as soon as I can. If urgent, then please state on the contact form.


  • How do I pay?

    You can pay via PayPal, through a bank or cash if in person.



  • Are readings recorded?

    No, I do not allow recordings.


  • Are readings confidential?

    Absolutely, they are between me and the client only.

  • How does a reading work?

    In a reading, I will connect to your soul energy, whether you are in front of me or wherever you are in the world, as distance does not create a barrier. In a medium reading, I will connect to your loved ones soul energy too.

  • How do I book a reading?

    To book a reading, simply complete the questions of the contact form.

  • How much is an Angelic Reiki healing session?

    An in person healing session is £45. A distant healing session is £20



  • How much is a reading?

    It depends on how long you would like, for 30 minutes it’s £30, for 45 minutes it’s £40 and for 60 minutes it’s £50 (prices and additional information on request for party and group bookings.)