About Jane

I was sensitive to spirit from an early age, I had my “invisible friends” as they were called and I knew things about people that I shouldn’t have known. However, my journey with spirit didn’t develop for some time, as I had many life experiences to live and gain knowledge from for my work that was to come.  As an adult I have had a varied life. I became a single parent, and then returned to education to gain my degree in order to become a teacher and then completed my Masters in Education.  Although these qualifications were important for my career, I hadn’t known at the time that I would use my teaching skills in more ways than one!

 Throughout my career, my interest in psychic and mediumship was growing.  However, my journey with spirit escalated after the passing of a loved one. I had a reading with a well known professional medium where I was told spirit were wanting me to work for them and I would be sitting where she was giving readings.

Jane Arnold - Spiritual Shack

Within a couple of years, my personal development started. Yes, I am a natural medium, but I had no idea how to develop my skills and get the best out of myself. After a number of years working and developing my psychic and mediumistic abilities, with one of the best mediums in the field, I was ready to take the big leap of faith and focus on my spiritual work full-time – I have never looked back!

Psychic and mediumship development never stops, as we are always learning. I have also been developing my trancework too – a wonderful way to work with spirit!

I absolutely love what I do and feel very honoured and blessed to be able to help my clients in an honest and supportive way. I am fortunate to also have clients from across the globe from Australia to America – distance is not a barrier.  

However, mediumship readings are not a replacement for our grief process, when the time is right, I do believe they can be a great comfort.